Chapter Two: United to Rasta and Reggae

Chapter Two

rasta carve

How Jerome Truman was United to Rasta and Reggae

 It happened in a dream that felt like a five month long spiritual journey.  Well at the time, I thought it was a dream.

But now a days I am totally unsure because I keep having people reappearing in my future.

I first remember floating in the ocean with my eyes peering through the surface of the salty wash.

I was about 100 yards off shore with the heat from the sun tapping on my face.

Something felt STRANGE with my FEET.

They were difficult to see. The water was thick in seaweed and the reflection from the brightness above.
I started swimming in and noticed I could swim fast like a fish.  As I came to the sand, I tripped trying to walk. I had to pick my feet up high to get a forward step in. Once I got to knee height. I pulled my leg out and realized my foot was a fin the colour of a shark. I keep walking to the beach not thinking much about it at the time.

My fins started to turn into my normal human feet as I hit the drier sand. The wet from the water dried quick. I scanned the coast line from left to right. It was filled with 300 feet high palm trees. They had the biggest coconuts you’ll ever see. I was so thirsty that I jumped up on the tree and climbed to the top. I pulled out my pocket knife and poked a hole in a coconut over my head. The juice came dripping down onto my salty lips then into my mouth. Wow! It was the best thing I’ve tasted ever in centuries.

As, I was drinking the coconut. I heard a sound that was coming from beyond the trees. It seemed very low ended and peaceful. Honestly, I’m addicted to the groove so I immediately went and check it out. While getting closer, I could smell something fresh and up lifting. There was some vibes happening for sure.

Walking into a sea of dreadlocks and hand drums. Rhythms syncopated on the heartbeat. Vocal chants singing of Jah, ganja and love. I automatically felt some of the same feelings as I felt when the first time meeting the Funk. It was much more spiritual and peaceful though. It too had a tribal presence.

The guitar was being played as a sweet simple chank. Not on the one but between the one and two. The kick hit me in the chest and the bassline played a repetitive melody that keep my flow locked in tight. I instantly started to dance with strangers and was treated welcomed and felt at ease like I had lived there for years.

After I while of dancing and drumming. I met an amazing Rasta man who taught me all about their way of life.
It was all about giving thanks and being as natural as you can be with everything you do, everything you eat, touch and breath.

He preached about being good to others as they will be good to you. Respect the earth for she is your nature Mother and Jah is your Father, the Most High, the creation of life.

He spoke to create and play music that heals the spirit and soul. And to teach people to act of the good from the message. Unite in a positive way and unity will exist in the growth to build communities with strong roots and culture.

I felt very blessed and in touch with my soul and inner self. I felt almost reborn like with a strong flow of a righteous powerful High Mighty Being.

For once in my life. My spirit, mind and soul felt connected. I felt truly blessed. Jah Bless.

I really wanted to stay but I keep hearing a voice in the music saying go spread the message and give hopeful strength to others who will hear.

So, after awhile, I walked back into the ocean and swam away.

To be continued ……