Chapter Three: First Found Blues

Chapter Three

The Wolf of the Blues

How Jerome first found his Blues

It was a dark moonless night. The air was stale with beer-stained shoes and dirty memories left up in his past thoughts. The howling of the wind was resetting each past lover’s scent in from his imagination.

He could feel his broken heart being freshly cut into his flesh. His heart still beating dipping off the brunt dried up pain.

This  nightmare repeatedly interrupted his evening sleepless nights. On the last night of this particular month. He had enough with the back and forth pacing of the mind and body.  He threw down his guitar and pulled back a huge chug of his freshly cracked can of bunk beer. The beer half spills off his face and drenched all over his dirty dark blue slick short-cut fly collared button up. Barefooted and all, he climbed outside onto the rusty old fire escape ladder and headed to the roof. It was a 31 stories, high swaying building  in the wind.  Once reaching the final step he leap out on to the top he belted out the loudest most belly rambling earthquake shock  shout. After a minute, the shout turned into a low growing howl. The full moon suddenly broke out from space and the screaming cry turned in the Howling Wolf of the Blues.

The howl was so loud that it started breaking all the window from miles in every direction. The moon was bright and vibrant.

I was about 10 blocks away sitting chillin’ at the park by this rooted old tree.

I could hear a man SHOUTING FOREVER!

You could feel the ripple of the vibrations from the pain that was trapped deep in his worried anxious gut.

The sound went on for a long time until it felt like it was right over my head. After about a minute.

It just stopped. My body was still buzzing with the sound.

I felt this feeling swarm throughout my entire emotional system.

There was a huge wave of pain and sorrow that ran up and down my nervous system. Something felt not all me but in the same time, it felt just like me.

I felt like I could FEEEEEL more all of a sudden. For the next couple  of weeks, I had been having dreams of my past loves.  I have really only had 2. I felt so lonely waking up. This feeling of love struck sickness had started to guide my daily route. It was strange because I haven’t been in the shine of a love life for over a decade or more. My past was haunting my future and I was getting tried. I tried everything Funky. I smoked this and drank that. Popped so many pills and lost myself in the love of the party. I even changed my name. I was started to realize nothing would change my mood. I was hurting.

A few months later. I went for a stroll alone and came across this man in the alley that was sitting there, just staring at the wall.

I asked him if he needed some help for food or money.

He didn’t say anything, he just kept staring.

I asked again.

Hey, brother you hungry? Can, I give you a hand?

But, he didn’t move a muscle. I thought he was a stiff, sitting upright on a square box that looked like an old tube amp.

I reached out and tried to shake his right shoulder. I chatter loudly.

Yo, brother you alive?

After, I touched him.

He shock for a quick second and turned to look at me with these glowing smokey blue colored eyes.

 I stepped back a little timid, realizing he was mos-definitely still alive.

The man leant in and whispered in a soft howling voice that moved like a smoke ring into my right ear.

Take this son.  The Wolf of the Blues is upon you.

 The quiet man pulled out a little metal slide from up under his hat and continued his soft howl of words.

Son, use this.

Go travel and search out your soul to find THE HEALER.

After, the warm slide touched my palm. The man of the alley turned his head towards the wall and immediately got lost back into that trance like stare again.

I took the slide, put it up under my hat and walked away down the alley toward the bright center city lights.

To be continued ……