Chapter One: Reborn into the Funk

Chapter One

LL space Funk

How Jerome Truman was Reborn into the Funk

It was about 2 am on Saturday night. I was walking home down Queen street with my head phones on listening to some beats, I had been working on earlier that day. I remembered feeling some pressure drop in the sky above. Kept walking, then I seen a flash of a blue light come across my sight. An acupuncture type pin prick hit the top of my head. It felt like a little shock when you touch static clean from a shirt. The ground shook around me. The coolest warm feeling run down my spine through out my nerves and strengthen all my internals. A dance jive came strutting out of my feet. A superpower of Funk just hit me, like I drank 5 red bulls of pure James Brown Funk! I was feelin’ GOOD man.

Took 10 steps, then my headphones buzzed out for a second. A voice said.

HELLO, my SOUL brother. I am the good doctor. All things will be good.

Listen to me carefully.

I need your vibes for awhile. I come from another planet. Planet PhunkClubb, my name is Dr.Goodtimes.

There is trouble on your horizon. I cannot just land on your earth and use my form to deal with this situation that I have been sent out to do. My crew and I are on a mission. I am asking your permission. Can I use your vibes?

Naturally saying yes, cause I was feeling so good. I never felt more positive and strong willed in my life.

The Doc’s 1st thing was when he intercepted my ora, there was a massive jolt that shocked the area around me.
There was a lady chilling across the street. Doc said, his funk power energy shot into the ground and came up thru the roots of a tree she was leaning.

She had been electrified of his FUNK!

I had to go over there and connect with her. Guide her through the ride. Doc said she will seem super spaced out, but in a freakafunky way.

She would be able to help guide us to the path we have to choose next. These things happen for a reason. We just have to go with the flow of it.

I went on this mission and completed it. It’s all top secret stuff, so I can’t personal tell you all of it.

Until the next story.