Chapter 6: A Light From Zion

Chapter 6

A Light From Zion- instragram

In the first days of Jerome.

He was born in Calgary. He wasn’t born under the star, it was more like a Rastafari.

He was handed a torch of Fire. Wasn’t told too much until desired.

Failed and lost, found a wickedness for hire.

In the second days of Jerome.

He travels this world alone. Found himself at the end of a journey.

It was more like a written story. He came across three shady lions. All circles around him like a bonfire.

A light came shooting down from Zion, turning him into a lion.

In the fourth days of Jerome.

A wickedness flew over his home. Oh how ye to cast the first stone spreading Badman semen into his flow.

Them Devils been upon your Horizon, brainwashing them to find ya.

Thy rod and thy staff will wisen up. Cleanse demons to run.