Chapter 5: Stank on the Funkadub Train

Chapter 5


Stank on the Funkadub Train

A group of the Bust Gone Bad Beat Villians tele-connectively kept on putting so many different ideas into the heads of the human Earthbeings. This was leading to an over combustion of brain farts, dizziness and miscommunication readings that connected to the spinal cerebral fluid.


There was a party plan.  Loose Lion was the entertainment. Given off the top dog vibes. Music, Beats, and dancing grooves were on board and they were heading to the big Bounce blowout bash on Planet CoolCream.

Along the way, there was this foul static stank that was transforming all their thoughts. Sinking them into the dark depths of Sir Off-Beat’s cold as ice vibration.

One by one each cat was dropping out, losing their ability to finish the songs and finding the weight in their legs and hips feeling super heavy. 

The groove was falling off the tracks.

Sir Off-Beat was the Lord of the Boring Bored Planets.

On his planets, music was outlawed. Souls and bodies were condemned to have no movements of getting down or feeling of any sort. Straight face

.Sir Off-Beat would send out his Busta Gone Bad Beat Villain’s to abducted all the living from every Galaxy and suck them dry from their existence. He’d zap them into a chamber where all their energy and life would cycle thru 1 big tube attaching to Off-Beat’s main layer. Here he would feed off their souls and life. His mission was to have a Galaxy of felt-less lives.

He wanted to have the most powerful EGO in the whole Galaxy.

Back to the train.

The Funkadub train was just about to orbit Planet ClubbPhunkdafied. They were on a scheduled trip coming from the Earth to bring a crew of peeps to the city of Funkadub.  They were heading to the annual Bounce bash.

Back at the main headquarters of Phunk.

 Dr.PhunkClubb has spotted something wrong with the vibes of the incoming train.

So,he had radioed ahead to train 423. But there was no answer. He tried again and again. He had that feelin’.



There was no answer. The air was stale as a fish outta the water.

He tried again and again. He had that feelin’ that something was off.

Dr.PhunkClubb immediately rang to his outsource fix it club.

Ring, Ring, Ring.

Yo, this is the Good Doctor.

Jimmy Rocket, I need your help.

(In 5 minutes time)

Jimmy Rocket pulled up as soon as he could in his blue blast of flames.

The Good Doctor got into Jimmy Rocket’s super stealth low rider laser beam and shot towards the train.

Once they were in sight of the Funkadub train, they sat undercover  being disguised as a star’s shadow observing the distant vibes.

After they to discuss a plan.

Dr. PhunkClubb and Jimmy Rocket. suited up and were shot out to the sea of space towards the train. Once they swam up to the train, they quietly snuck through a little escape lid on the roof. Dr. PhunkClubb had noticed a bad, bad smell and seen everyone dazed and confused walking around like zombies.

He knew right away what was up.

It was for surely a scent of Sir Off-Beat’s sneaky vibrations all over the train.  

Dr.PhunkClubb threw out a powerful energy connecting smoke bomb into the crowd.

It released a new scent of good vibes. After a few second, everyone started coming back to life.

Loose Lion felt a feeling and slowly the rhythm came popping back and each finger strummed chords.


The music blasted to full sound again. The party instantly got their heads straight and back into the funky grooves.

The Good Doctor blew some fresh funk medicine in the villain’s face and they snapped out of their Off Beat’s trance and joined the dance.

Soon, the train landed on Planet CoolCream and they all made it safely to their final destination of Funkadub City.