Chapter 4: Missed placed its Tale

Chapter 4


Missed placed its Tale

Been craving for the funk like a sucker fish fresh outta the water.

Been dreaming on that funk like a sucker fish looking for water.

I have a little story to tell.

It goes back through many dates in human detail.

A symphony of the funk that missed placed it’s tale.

Letters and symbols of the truth were hidden in a small snail and

sent to the bottom of the dark depth of the sea in a black painted pail.

The pail was filled with silver rocks and lost away in a lip sealed betrail.

Centuries came and went then a blue fish came along and ate the snail.

A surge of electric energy spread all over the floor and rushed out in a trail.

Shooting toward the top blasting out of the water in a screaming hail.

Spaces and Letters turned into words in the air and read,       Jerome Truman.

Have you heard of him?  He was said to have found undiscovered land.

But not from this galaxy nor sea or the outta space which we’ve seen.

A connection of quality combined. In a matter a fact, the air believes

to be water like with herb vapors.  The tree’s are free and the smog is clean.

Houses are lite from the sun’s steam. There fewer cars cuz of the hypo-beams.

The chase for the bacon is not real and the rise for the greed has no deal.

Everything that grows is for free and all of the animals live in peace.